Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Tale Of Three Davids

At this point in my life I have met a few Davids, but three men with this name come to mind when hearing that name.  All three are special, not perfect, but special.  They have been through good times.  They’ve also been tested in the fire.  But through it all, God’s presence has It’s mark on their lives.

The first is the David of the bible.  A simple shepherd boy by trade, God first shown His glory through David in facing Goliath.  It didn’t matter that Goliath was nine feet tall.  It didn’t matter that he was flippant or pompous.  God was with David, and Goliath was defeated easily . . . by a boy . . . a ordinary shepherd boy.  But only because God was with him. 

Later God saw fit to exalt David as king.  Saul didn’t like that.  Others thought it ridiculous because of David’s size and social position.  (Later down the family tree, those same kind of people would laugh at our Savior.)  No matter.  God was with David. 

He wasn’t perfect.  He lusted.  He committed adultery.  He had a man murdered to cover up his adulterous secret. 

Then he repented.  He was forgiven.  God was with him once again.

The second David was a David that I never met, but one I feel as if I know well through the things that I have heard about him.  He was a man loved his children and wife very much.  He wasn’t perfect, but he tried his best to love and serve his God and family.  From what I’ve heard, he was a man of God, who looked forward to “going home”.  But he was also content to be the family man. 

He delivered the last of his six children.  Twenty four days later he was gone.  He died on Christmas Eve, at home, in the arms of his loving wife.  He had stopped breathing and couldn’t be revived.  But the love he shared still lives on.

The third David is a man I met at church.  He was one of the many coming through our doors on Sundays looking for food, showers, haircuts, and clothes from our church’s Social Ministry.

Rough looking and homeless, he walked 15 miles through the deep snow last winter to come to our church for a hot meal one Sunday.  He didn’t have any idea where he would sleep that night.

I am struck by how many younger men are coming to our church for a meal these days.  The older men seem to be accustomed to the harsh life of being in need and/or homeless.  But the guys that are in their 20s and 30s are ashamed to even look at you . . . tired from harassment, and judgment, and fear from others.  Exhausted from too many nights of staying awake all night protecting their meager belongings, they frequently fall asleep sitting up in the warmth of the church hallway.

They are wary of others.  They are afraid to trust.  They are not quick to look at you, let alone smile.  They are hurting . . . losing hope . . . losing faith in humanity and life.  David was no different.

So there David was, tired from waking 15 miles in the frigid cold.  He looked downcast and hurting.  But over the weeks, my family and I went out of our way to say hi to him.  We cared about him.  We smiled at him . . . talked to him . . . prayed with him, and for him . . . and hugged him.

After a while, we worshipped next to him at church.  We worshipped with him in bible study.  We ate with him at dinner at church on Sundays.

Months later a much different David happily told us about his new job, and the provision God was giving him.  There were smiles, and hugs, and praise sent heavenward.  From a lowly place God was exalting him, and blessing him . . . just like King David, the former shepherd boy.

What do these Davids have in common?

God had his anointing on the lives of these men.  He blessed them.  He exalted them.  They are not perfect, but He loves them all.  They are special to Him, and so are you.

From humbleness and humility, God exalts those He sees fit to exalt.  Sometimes He humbles the exalted.  But in the end, He loves us all with an unquenchable love.  Let us not limit ourselves by man’s standards for a life “well lived”, but rise to the destiny God has prepared just for us.

Lord, thank you for all of the “Davids” in our lives.  Thank you for showing us, through the lives of others, the love that you freely offer all of us.  Please guide us and lead us in your ways, so that we may reach our full potential.  And surround us with “spirit led” people so that we may learn how to live a life for you.  We pray this in Jesus’ name.  Amen.