Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Devil Really Is In The Details

Ominous CloudI have been struggling with this post for some time.  You see, it’s easy to go on and on about God’s goodness when things are going your way.  But no one wants to acknowledge the spiritual battle that we all fight.  It’s easier to pretend that Satan and his fallen angels, also known as demons, just aren’t there.  Interestingly I have actually known people that were working in church schools that had that attitude.  “If I just pretend he isn’t there, then he’ll leave me alone.”

Most spirit led people know very well Satan’s presence.  Spiritual warfare is happening all around us, whether we acknowledge it or not.  However spirit led people tend to get “picked on” a lot.  You see, when you are an enemy of Satan, he fights harder.  It’s when you are apathetic or stagnant in your faith that his job is the easiest.

Unfortunately, our family has been a target of Satan’s for some time now.  God is using us more and more, and the battle is heating up.  This is not the time to back down however.  It’s the time to dig down deep and choose to see God’s goodness in all that is happening.  It’s the time to use the authority that is given us by Christ to rebuke Satan.

If you authoritatively say out loud, “Go away Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to go away!”, he has to flee.  Try it, and see if you don’t physically feel God’s love and protection.  But we forget that we have this gift from God, that we can call on him.  We do not have to fight in our own power, but we MUST call upon the power of the one with authority over Satan . . . we call on God, in the name of Jesus Christ.

This is not just a message for all of you.  This is a reminder to me.  Today I call on the power of our Heavenly Father in battle with the evil one.  Satan has been attacking fiercely.  He has attacked through deception on the part of the former homeowner concerning mold in our bathroom.  He has attacked us through financial responsibilities that we weren’t expecting.  He is attacking through a long list of necessary work to this house and the house we had been renting that has exhausted us emotionally, physically, and financially.

Where is God in all of this?!  He is in the company that offered me a big box of delicious, fresh produce in exchange for some freelance writing work.  He is in the prayers of those around me.  He is in the protection of our health during this mold remediation.  He in the wonderful friends, and family, that encourage and support us. 

The devil may be in SOME of the details and how these things affect us, but God created the details, oversees the details, and uses the details . . . TO HIS GLORY!  All we have to do is rebuke Satan, take on the full armor of God, and call on the power of God in ALL things.  The trick is not to “stuff it down”, “suck it up”, and do it ourselves.  We have to give it ALL to Him, even four times a day if necessary.  That’s when the true power and healing begins!

Thank you Lord for your gentle reminder.  It’s not about me and, Lord God, with you I can do anything.  Without you, I can do nothing.  I give you all of my “junk”, anger, and anxiety today.  Please forgive me for all of it.  Take all of my fumbled and imperfect offerings and make them work in your will and to your glory.  Help us through this time, and give us your peace again!  Thank you, and I love you!  Amen

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